We are a family-run business, passionate about rehydrating the Australian landscape. Our focus on providing clever design solutions, education and practical examples of landscape repair has been central to the adventures of our young family.


Cam’s passion is landscape repair. He thrives on designing, planning and building fertility and resilience into landscapes, and on making it as easy as possible for people to fulfill their landscape goals.

He has worked closely with numerous on-ground pioneers as well as research scientists, and is known for interpreting and presenting their intuitive ideas or complex language in very clear and concise ways, with great practical value.

Cam is acknowledged by peers, students and clients as being exceptional in both his understanding of complex natural processes, his ability to harness them effectively in his work, and also for his  exceptional skill in communicating those processes and how to work with them to best heal our Australian landscape.

Cam’s humble nature, his eagerness to learn, his rapid digestion of ideas, the quality and innovation of his on-ground work, and his genuine desire to see Australia rehydrated and thriving, has earned him the respect and friendship of a solid network of farmers, innovators, scientists and relevant organisations.


Craig Sponholtz

“While visiting Australia, the earthworks and shelterbelts Cam designed and implemented are the best example I have seen of a water harvesting system that functions with the natural drainage system rather than in spite of it.  Great work and I hope you have a chance to educate others in your extremely elegant approach, I would like to learn more myself.”

– Craig Sponholtz, USA, director of Dryland Solutions, Masters in Agroecology specialising in Dryland Water Harvesting

Darren Doherty

“Cam Wilson of Earth Integral has the big picture in mind when integrating methodologies into a whole systems approach to catchment management and in particular to cost effective and practical stream restoration and regeneration.”

– Darren J. Doherty, Farm Planner, HeenanDoherty Pty. Ltd. 

Ro, Cam, Jessie and Mairead.

Ro, Cam, Jessie and Mairead.

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