Are you interested in a practical, educational and fulfilling new activity with your Landcare group?

Or perhaps a fun way for family and friends to get together and get some significant landscape repair happening on your piece of land?

What, how and for whom?

If you have active erosion on your property, or gullies which you would like to start repairing, we can help you out.

We facilitate workshops on how to use low-cost solutions to stop active erosion, kickstart natural repair processes in gullies and begin the rehydration of the surrounding landscape.

Low-cost techniques are achieved by utilising resources from on the property (or close by) which means they can easily be replicated by those who take part.

Using a combination of our practical, design and education background, we ensure that participants don’t just leave with an understanding of how to build a structure, but also how and where they are placed for maximum benefit to the surrounding landscape.

There are a range of activities to suit all levels of physical capability (although nothing too strenuous).

What others have thought

“Thank you for your input today, I certainly got the feeling that everyone got a fair bit out of it!  I always get a little bit more inspired to do a bit more after a day like this so hopefully we will get to and start planting to save the creek!!”
– Peter Lawson, grazier & President of Kyeamba Landcare

“Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the workshop on Sunday. We learnt so much. A good reminder of what caring for the land really means.”
Marilla, Bombay Landcare

“Cam is an incredible and gifted teacher. His ability to impart passion and knowledge is remarkable.”
Linda, workshop participant


Cam speaking at a Soils For Life event at Craig Carter's property, Tallawang.

Cam speaking at a Soils For Life event at Craig Carter’s property, Tallawang.

Please contact us if your Landcare group is interested in a presentation on using low cost solutions to repair eroded channels and rehydrate the surrounding landscape.

Here’s what Jenny Andrews, Secretary of Friends of Aranda Bushland thought:

“I am writing to thank you for the fascinating talk that you delivered to the Friends of Aranda Bushland on the 20th of February. As we are a Landcare group, erosion and soil degradation are subjects very close to our hearts and I am sure that you could feel the interest and excitement of your listeners as you spoke. We were also impressed with the elegance of your presentation, quite apart from the ideas that it conveyed.”


Cam has written a variety of articles outlining the processes and techniques for repairing and enhancing the health of the landscape.

You can click on the categories on the right hand side of the page to hone in on topics which are most relevant to you. Or, click on relevant tags at the bottom of an article you enjoy.

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